18"x1.85 Rear Wheel

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Milk Racing 18" wheel for Sur-Ron SurRon Light Bee Segway X260.
Why 18" on rear?
1. You can put very knobby and wide tire which means more grip
2. You have more tire options than on 19"
3. Better for trail riding - 18" tire is fatter so you can also go with less pressure and is more resistant for pinching
4. 18" tire is more flexible and you can have more traction on a hard surface like rocks etc. with lower pressure
5. Main wheel weight is closer to the rotation center which means less power to rotate the wheel -> longer range than on 19" with similar tire. 
  • Milk Racing black anodized matte rim 18”x1.85
  • OEM SurRon hub
  • SM silver 2.6mm/12G spokes 
  • lacing with 3-cross spoke pattern

All rims are anodized which means they are much more scratch resistant than standard paint. 

What's included
  • Milk Racing 18" wheel (rim, hub, spokes, nipples)
  • inner tube standard 3.50
  • rim band
  • rim lock
  • all bolts and hardware (stainless steel)
  • spoke wrench for spokes tightening 
  • Torx key for disc brake bolts (disc brake need to be swapped from OEM wheel)
We offer tire fitment so the wheels comes Plug&Play ready to ride straight from the box. Universal standard off-road tire. Great for all enduro/country-crosss/motocross aplication.
  • 3.25" or 90/90 - no modification required 
  • 3.50" or 110/100 Big Boy - dishing or trimming required (included in the price)

Dishing - we move the rim on spokes ~4mm to the left so that the tire doesn't interfere with the chain

Trimming - we trim the tire ~4mm so it doesn't interfere with the chain - more recommended option.