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📦 Buy now and save on reduced shipping costs!

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Ambassadors Confidential Rules&Restrictions

1.  Ambassador’s role

Represent the brand in a positive light, helping to increase brand awareness and sales. The critical element is to use promotional strategies to strengthen the customer-product relationship and influence the audience.

2. Enrollment

Ambassador receives an Individual Coupon Code with an X% discount. The discount is limited to 1 of each product available on the website. Because of system limitations, the code works only once and needs to be renewed by us before each new order. The X% is detriment by the size of the Ambassador’s audience, the quality of the content, involvement, etc.

3. Affiliate promotion program

The Ambassador promotes products and custom options along with the Promotion Coupon Code on the Ambassador’s Social Media platforms. Promotion Coupon Code applies a Y% discount for the customer order and earns Ambassador commission profit. The Promotion Coupon Code cannot be combined with other promotions on our website.

4. Commission 

Ambassador earns Z% for every order made with the Promotion Coupon Code. The monthly commission profit is the sum of orders for each month. Commission calculations exclude shipping costs, fees, taxes, and discounts. The Z% is determined by the Ambassador’s audience size, content quality, involvement, etc.

5. General Conditions 

    Mandatory rules

  1. The Ambassador is obligated to promote our Brand and products along with custom options currently available for the product, interact with our content, and share it within the Ambassador’s social media channels. As an Ambassador, you will get a special newsletter with reminders of new products, custom options, or other ways to promote a Milk Racing Brand.
  2. Sharing Promotion Coupon Code is allowed only by using Ambassador Social Media platforms.
  3. Promoting Promotion Coupon Code through spam messages, page comment areas, forums, group chats on Telegram / WhatsApp, etc., Social Media Groups, websites with coupon codes, or other similar forms is not allowed. As an Ambassador, you should watch and check it by yourself. If we detect the codes shared inappropriately, we will force a change in the code.
  4. The Ambassador must disclose being Milk Racing Ambassador in Social Media Bio and other possible places and platforms.
  5. The Ambassador highlights Stories (on Instagram, Facebook & TikTok) with the Brand.
  6. The Ambassador needs to tag the Brand with every content created with our products.
  7. The Ambassador can not delete any content or channels connected with Milk Racing products for 6 months after the end of the cooperation.
  8. The Ambassador permits the use of videos, pictures, nicknames, images, etc., for the Brand to feature on its own Social Media platforms.
  9. The Ambassador will represent the Brand with the highest possible standards and manners.
  10. The Ambassadors must not publish any harmful content for the Milk Racing Brand.
  11. All conversations and arrangements are made via email, Facebook, or Instagram accounts.
  12. Any wheels the Ambassador orders will have two large “Milk Racing” logos.
  13. Cooperation obliges the Ambassador to post at least a certain amount of content with the Brand, according to the table below, on all platforms on which the Ambassador is present. This amount of content should be published each half a year:



    or SHORTS (YT)


    0-6 months


    6-12 months


    12 months & more



















    * The Ambassadors can publish fewer posts and more reels but not the other way round

  14. Cooperation starts with accepting the Rules&Regulations sent by email. If we don’t get a reply within 7 days of accepting the application, we automatically perceive it as a refusal to cooperate.
  15. This point is not required for ambassadors who already have our products. After the cooperation starts, the Ambassador is obligated to use its Individual Coupon Code to buy the wheels or other upgrades from Milk Racing Brand no later than 2 months after the cooperation starts. In exceptional cases, we can extend this period, but only if it is discussed via email, Instagram, or Facebook. If the Ambassador opts not to order the wheels or any other upgrades, we reserve the right to terminate the collaboration with immediate effect. Without any parts from the Brand you represent, the Ambassador lacks the necessary elements to effectively promote the Milk Racing brand, thereby diluting the authenticity of their messages to the audience.
  16. Typically, we assess the effectiveness of our collaborations with Ambassadors once we witness the impact of our cooperation following the first order reaching you. However, we’re open to considering offering a second discount code earlier than usual, particularly upon observing successful promotions on the Ambassadors’ channels.
  17. Cooperation automatically renews after each 3-month period.
  18. Cooperation can end after each 3 months by both parties.
  19. Milk Racing reserves the right to end the cooperation at any time, but only if the above arrangements are not met. This especially applies to all of the points in the Mandatory category.
  20. Ending the cooperation due to non-compliance with Rules&Regulations means turning off all Coupon Codes and being unable to fulfill payments for accrued commissions. However, we are open to discussion in order to reach an agreement on the matters that have been violated. Each ambassador is important to us, and we care about our cooperation.


  1. Ordering more than a single Milk Racing product will be more authentic about the brand you promote, and it will gain more trust with your audience, which means you will get more orders placed with your Promotion code.
  2. You should make custom-engraved products with your nickname.
  3. Make an order with plenty of custom options available, such as tires, colors of each part, etc. The more custom-made the product is, the more hype it will get, which translates into higher profits for both parties.
  4. Send feedback directly to us frequently about the products and ideas for improvement about the products and service.

6. Payouts

  1. The commission is added to the Ambassador’s statistics when the payment from the customer is collected.
  2. Commission will be shown in “Unpaid Commission:” and can be granted only for the orders that are completed (delivered). Until then, they can only be seen in statistics. 
  3. The payout method must be chosen after accepting the application and Rules&Regulations. It can be a Stripe transfer, PayPal, or Store Wallet. The default method is set as Stripe Payout.
  4. The Ambassador can request payouts for granted commissions no more than once a month. Please make sure that the correct payment method is set, billing details are filled out, and a Stripe account is eventually created and connected. 
  5. Payout requests will be accepted no later than two weeks later. 
  6. Payouts made using Stripe, a secure payment provider, are sent directly to the Ambassador’s Stripe account. The Stripe account can be set up from the Ambassador’s dashboard.
  7. Order totals displayed on the dashboard and used for % commission calculations exclude shipping costs, fees, taxes, and discounts. 
  8. If the Ambassador gained more than $200.00 USD in commissions, we will force the payout. To do this, the payout method must be chosen and filled out with authentic information.

7. Invoicing/statements

Invoices (statements) will be automatically created and shown in payouts. The details used for creating the invoice have to be provided in the Ambassador Dashboard’s “Payout Statement Details” section. The statement is necessary to proceed with the payment due to the correct documentation.

8. Final provisions

  1. Both parties, the Ambassador and Brand, are obliged to maintain confidentiality about the above agreements and information.
  2. X, Y, and Z can be changed during cooperation depending on sales, market situation, Ambassador’s involvement, etc.
  3. Milk Racing uses an external provider, Coupon Affiliates, for the Ambassadors dashboard. This provider is fully responsible for correct calculations and service.
  4. Any conflicts are settled in a friendly manner.
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