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Have you got a CAMO tire for 18" i 21"?
Currently we have CAMO tire only for 16" wheel.
How much for installed tore added?
The prise included fitting tire on wheel so that it comes plug&play straight form the box.
Are there any modifications to the swing arm, sprocket, or brake disc necessary on the Surron model x? I have upgraded to a 52 tooth sprocket. 
Everything is jest plug&play no need for modyfication on your bike.
I would also like to know if you sell with knobby tires or if that is not an option
We do not sell with knobby tires.
I'm looking for complete wheels for a youth surron
We recommend a 16" wheel with the tire. 
The rear disk doesn’t fit on the hub, do I need to use a special disk with these rear hub?
No it's an OEM hub the same as in stock surron. Please double check if you use the rear disk because it differs from the front disk.
Can I buy just a rim? 
Yes, we can sell you just rim. The cost of the rim is 73,57 USD + shipping costs. 
Can I buy a wheel without the rim lock and inner tube?
You can buy a 21x1.60" front wheel and we are going to give you a 5% discount on this order to deduct the cost of the rim lock and inner tube (the rim lock and inner tube costs less than 5% of the wheel price, but that is okey
My tire touch the chain. What should I do? 
You need to dish it or cut the knobs.