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Front 16×2.15″/2.50″ + Rear 16×2.15/2.50/3.00″ Supermoto set benefit:
1. Widest logical rim width for street wheels currently on the market
2. Lower your bike 25mm/1″ down – better handling in tight corners with still almost the same bike size
3. Super wide tires mean a lot of grip and high lean angles
16″ wheels will lower your bike, so the stock kickstand might be too long.
*** We DO NOT recommend 80/80-16″ tire size for KKE and FastAce forks – it is very narrow in one point, which causes any wider tire rubbing.
Milk Racing Wheels
Sold worldwide and test-proven by thousands of customers on six continents – the best quality/price wheels on the market. Upgraded, reinforced rims stained with anodizing process give them more scratch and corrosion-resistant surface than standard paint. Super strong upgraded stainless steel spokes and double-size brass nipples (stronger and more corrosion resistant than aluminum type) lanced with a 3-cross spoke pattern make Milk Racing wheels strong enough to withstand more than what Sur-Ron bike can stand. Our main goal is to give alternative wheel upgrade options for expensive competitors’ products and give the best product experience possible, providing as much hardware as possible to make it hassle-free for you to focus on riding rather than figuring out how to put an upgrade in.
Wheels always come with tools, spare spokes, spoke wrench, inner tube, rim band, and rim lock – you only miss fitting a tire on. If you need 100% Plug&Play wheels, we offer tire fitting as a standard offer. Wheels come ready to ride straight from the box. As a direct producer, we provide customization, such as color combinations.


MILK RACING Matte Anodized Rims
Featuring an enhanced width for optimal performance, our rims are engineered and therefore more robust compared to OEM. They come with an advanced coating that offers heightened scratch resistance.

– CNC machined from aluminum alloy
– 2x Sealed Bearing
– Double o-ring sealing (axle and spacer)
– 20x110mm size
– MTB Rotor Bolt Pattern

– 36x Stainless Steel 2.6mm/12G Spokes
– 36x Heavy Duty 3.00mm/10G Spokes

Brass Nickel-Plated – stronger and more corrosion-resistant than aluminum

– 5,5mm Moto Nipples Front (4,5mm tool size)
– 6,5mm Moto Nipples Rear (5,5mm tool size)

3-Cross Pattern – strongest possible


FITMENT – Plug&Play option
We offer tire fitment, so the wheels come Plug&Play ready to ride straight from the box, saving you time and money (we might deflate the wheel for packing purposes).

The biggest issue with oversized tires for Sur-Ron/Talaria is that they are hard to find and tell whether they will fit. So we select sizes so you don’t have to worry whether they will fit your bike.

– Generic Asian brands that are known for their excellent price-quality ratio – verified and tested by thousands of our clients worldwide and us.

– Average brands like Deli, Duro, Journey, Kenda, Heidenau, Wanda, CST, etc.

– Top-end brands such as Pirelli, Michelin, Bridgestone, Dunlop, Metzeler, Mitas, Shinko, Maxxis, etc.

– ON-ROAD – only for dry&wet pavement/asphalt application. Not suitable for off-road and winter conditions.
– OFF-ROAD – great for all enduro/country-cross/motocross applications. Not suitable for on-road – almost no grip and tear off easily.
– TRIAL/DUAL – the best option if you ride both on and off-road. Long-lasting and have equal traction on all surfaces.

FRONT WHEEL tire size fitment


The front fork is crucial when determining the appropriate front tire size. Even with the same nominal size, real-world tire dimensions can differ for various models. For easier selection, the following table and product configurator specify tire width in three sizes.

REAR WHEEL tire size fitment
– REGURAL, WIDE (any diameter) size – no wheel modification
– SUPERWIDE (any diameter) size – wheel modification is required so the tire doesn’t interfere with the chain.
– Dishing/offsetting – We move the rim to the left on spokes
– Trimming – we trim the tire knobs

We highly recommend Dishing option – no grip loss on one side of the tire.

No modification is required on the bike itself for REGURAL, WIDE tire size. For SUPERWIDE, depending on your chain length, you might need to change the kickstand bolt for shorter (we include the bolt in the package). Installation details in MANUALS.

TUBELESS SYSTEM for off-road application

NUETECH Tubliss Gen. 2.0 – the best possible upgrade for the wheel. It allows you to run much lower tire pressures safely, and dropping the pressure increases the contact patch, instantly increasing traction and providing protection for the rim. The stiffer the tire’s sidewall, the lower pressure you can run – this creates a new level of traction and performance.

TUBELESS SYSTEM for on-road application
Available soon.


Parts are treated to create a protective oxide layer on their surface. This process offers benefits like enhanced corrosion resistance, improved durability, and the ability to add color or decorative finishes to the aluminum parts. This process allows us to show the original surface texture.

Parts are covered with a dry powder paint, which is then cured to form a durable finish. This process provides advantages such as excellent corrosion resistance, a wide range of color options, and a smooth, even appearance. This process hides the original surface texture under the paint layer.

The larger wheel needs more power to stop, and a brake upgrade is highly recommended. Magura MDR-P 220mm Floating – the best and the strongest rotor available on the market. Adapted and pre-mounted with thread-locking fluid. Wheels come with caliper spacers.

The wheel will be balanced using Electronic Dynamic Wheel Balancer and adhesive steel weights.

Lancing the wheel on a special dual hub allows you to use a double-disc braking system. You can still use a single disc – we add a free ABS cover for not used side if you plan to upgrade your braking system later.


100% Plug&Play compatibility with OEM for the STANDARD option. Please refer to custom options and tire fitment tab details.

SUR-RON (every year of manufacture):
– X
– Light Bee
– Light Bee S Youth

SEGWAY (every year of manufacture):
– X260
– X160



– Milk Racing wheels set (rim, spokes, nipples, hub)

– Rim Locks (only for off-road wheels)

– Inner Tubes

– Rim bands

– Spare spokes and nipples

– Spoke wrench for spokes tightening

– Thread-Locking fluid

All necessary tools: wrench, Allen keys, torx key for disc brake bolts (disc brake needs to be swapped from OEM wheel), etc.

WHAT YOU NEED: Your existing OEM rear hub spacers, Sensor Gear and (if not selected):

– Sprocket

– Brake Disks

– Tires


We always do our best to ship orders long before the deadline. After purchase, you will receive an e-mail with a link to track the order’s status and to check the estimated shipping date.
Contact us before ordering for more detailed information about the current lead time if necessary.
Please notice that the order starts proceeding only when we receive the payment.

If the custom option is selected, the lead time represents “Usually ships in:” time + time for for the longest custom option.
E.g., “Usually ships in 5-7 days” + “TIRE FITMENT: 2 weeks proceed time” = 3 weeks proceed time.

If the product/custom option is in BACKORDER, it means that you can make an order, but the lead time is unknown yet, and we will postpone shipping until it’s back in stock. Contact us before ordering for more backorder details if necessary.

The shipping for multiple products will begin from the longest lead time product of the order. Please make separate orders if necessary.

Orders with the same multiple products may be delayed depending on the quantity ordered. Please get in touch with us before a big order for a more precise lead time if necessary.

The shipping method (priority or economy) does not affect the lead time (manufacturing time) of your order. We know that time is of the essence, so we make every effort to fulfill your order as soon as possible, regardless of whether the shipping is economy or priority.



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15 reviews for 16″ SUPERMOTO SET SURRON

  1. 🇫🇷Sebastien Lordenimus

    Very good product

  2. 🇫🇷Norbert Wahansoewandi

    Supemoto set with a few modifications, great

  3. 🇺🇸Baby_food

    Nice! I just got a set from Milk, 2.15″ rim, 80 front tire, 90 rear. Totally transforms the bike on the street. Tons of fun.

  4. 🇺🇸renteboardsdfw

    Sick! love those wheels!

  5. 🇺🇸Ronnie Malkos

    Good quality rims and tires, I ordered in gold. Really like the colour and all custom options I choose. I wish they have sprocket in colour too. Really recommend it, good job!

  6. 🇫🇷Laurent Stanley Alventosa

    6 months of this project! Custom made Milk Racing wheels.

  7. 🇺🇸EntertainerVisual

    I feel it’s the best option for street riding available! I bought supermoto set last year, fully customized for me: red rims with black spokes, super wide tires (110mm wide on the rear!), 3/00″ rear and 2.50″ front wide rims (!!!), ma name on them and balanced as well. They have super grip on pavement, even in wet conditions and they’re quite light and manoeuvrable. Riding 50-60 mph is not scary anymore. Very happy with them!

  8. 🇺🇸Ed Ser

    16″ Supermoto Set

  9. 🇿🇦Jean-Marc Nas-Tee Truong

    Super stoked about my new wheel set.

  10. NorbertWahansoewandi (verified owner)

    Good quality rims and tires, I ordered in gold with black spokes. I love the color. Fast replies to my emails. Highly recommended, I’ll be back 🙂

  11. Preston

    New buyer great tires and the whole set would highly recommend the guy know what there doing

  12. André (verified owner)

    I love the weels😃 Perfect fitt for my surron. And thanks for the Oreo 😄 greeting @gs-andy youtube.

  13. 🇺🇸Chad Jagow


  14. 🇺🇸Josh

    Amazing wheels. They are exactly perfect. Keep the great work up, it it soo good. (:

  15. Sea Garage

    Got my Milk Racing supermotos!!! Even better then I expected.

    For real guys milk came thru! They are beautiful! Once I get em mounted I will take some pics! If your looking for a nice setup, pull the trigger. Plus they sent me a surprise with it! Can’t have milk without cookies!

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