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The price is for one spoke and one nipple.


Differences between Powder Coated and Anodized colors:

Surface Bond
Powder Coating – Forms a coat over the metal surface. There’s a risk of the coat chipping if impacted.
Anodizing – The resultant layer is integrated with the underlying aluminum substrate, so it cannot peel or chip.

Durability & Wear
Powder Coating – Provides a durable surface, but it can be more susceptible to scratching and chipping compared to an anodized layer.
Anodizing – Produces a hard, wear-resistant layer that offers good resistance to corrosion.

Appearance & Color Variety
Powder Coating – Offers a wide range of colors and finishes. The final appearance can vary from matte to high gloss, and virtually any color can be achieved.
Anodizing – Provides a finish that’s integral to the metal itself. Although color options are more limited than powder coating.


100% Plug&Play compatibility with OEM for the STANDARD option. Please refer to custom options and tire fitment tab details. COMPATIBLE WITH: SUR-RON (every year of manufacture): – X – Light Bee – Light Bee S Youth SEGWAY (every year of manufacture): – X260 – X160 TALARIA STING (every year of manufacture) – L1E – MX – MX3 – MX4


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